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Treatment Plants & Pump Stations

Project Name

Williams Wastewater Treatment Plant



Year Completed


Location Information

Williams, California

Project Sum­ma­ry

Syblon Reid con­struct­ed a state-of-the-art 0.50 mil­lion gal­lon per day (MGD) aver­age dry weath­er flow (ADWF) ter­tiary waste­water treat­ment plant to replace the exist­ing 2.3 MGD pond sys­tem. The work includ­ed the con­struc­tion of over 3,200 cubic yards (CY) of rein­forced con­crete structures. 

A new influ­ent pump sta­tion and head­works were installed; includ­ing all pumps, mechan­i­cal pip­ing, a trashrack, and a mechan­i­cal rak­ing sys­tem with a debris screw con­vey­or. The sec­ondary treat­ment sys­tem includ­ed an aer­a­tion basin with a sec­ondary clar­i­fi­er, a return acti­vat­ed sludge/​waste acti­vat­ed sludge (RAS/WAS) pump sta­tion, and blow­ers. The ter­tiary sys­tem includes a cloth fil­ter, ultra­vi­o­let (UV) light dis­in­fec­tion, a re-aer­a­tion basin, chem­i­cal feed with stor­age tanks, and final efflu­ent pumps. Sludge pro­cess­ing includes a sludge belt fil­ter press, screw con­vey­ors, along with dry­ing and stor­age facilities. 

Key Chal­lenges

High ground­wa­ter in the area, due to near­by irri­ga­tion canals, required Syblon Reid to install dewa­ter­ing well points around all major excavations.

Syblon Reid worked over 47,000 man-hours to com­plete this project with­out a sin­gle OSHA record­able inci­dent or loss time accident.