Flume 51 Replacement

AGC Safety Award of Excellence
“Safety Excellence on an Individual High Hazard Job”

Syblon Reid replaced a 650-foot long elevated section of existing wooden flume in Pollock Pines, California.

The Project was in a location with extremely limited access and steep terrain, and required completion during a scheduled outage period in the late fall and early winter. Failure to complete the Project on time would have resulted in liquidated damages of up to $22,000 per day.

The work consisted of prefabricating concrete flume sections and creating initial access prior to removing the existing flume from service. Syblon Reid worked with the client and engineers to develop innovative approaches to the work, including concrete mix designs that allowed quick recycle of the precast flume sections. Once the outage period began, Syblon Reid worked for 65 straight days with multiple 24-hour shifts to remove the existing flume structure, create a engineered fill bench, grade/shotcrete the upslope area above the flume, and install the new concrete flume sections.

Syblon Reid successfully completed the Project on time with no recordable injuries.

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