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Syblon Reid is a member of ISNetworld (ISN); a global resource for connecting clients with safe and reliable contractors. Click on the ISN logo to visit their website.

Syblon Reid is also a member of Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing), a renowned contractor prequalification company that ensures suppliers are qualified to work in a safe and sustainable manner. Click on the Avetta logo to visit their website.

For more information, please contact our Safety Director at (916) 351-0457, or email us at

Safety culture is more than just a program that provides training, rules, and processes...

Safety culture is the ways in which safety is managed in the workplace, and often reflects “the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety”
– Cox and Cox, 1991

Safety culture determines how we make decisions, feel, and think; and most importantly, how we act. A safety culture is composed of both visible and invisible components. Policies that employ the proper use of safety rules, and include maintaining safety statistics and conducting safety meetings, are what make up the visible safety culture. This represents only a small percentage of how we conduct ourselves.

The invisible culture that exists in our industry makes up the majority of the individual’s behavior and consists of norms and basic assumptions we all have about safety. These are the assumed rules or beliefs everyone follows without question. When employees fail to follow established rules or procedures, they are following the invisible culture, or unwritten rules, that undermine policy but are reinforced by the norms of peer groups.

At Syblon Reid, we recognize that a strong Safety Culture cannot be taken for granted. Our entire management team and supervisory staff are constantly vigilant to ensure each and every employee understands that, not only do we care about their safety and well-being, we also all need to act in a way that promotes safety as our highest priority; by closing the gap between visible and invisible safety culture. An active Safety Committee, representing all levels of employees, is a key component of Syblon Reid’s Safety Program.

To support this overall effort, Syblon Reid mandates training that affords us the ability to safely perform difficult projects in a variety of hazardous environments including:

Confined Space
Fall Protection and High Scale Work
Helicopter Operations
Adverse Site and Weather Conditions
Deep & Difficult Excavations
24/7 and Emergency Operations

With a fully embraced safety culture and well-trained workforce experienced in performing high-hazard projects for a wide range of public and private clients, Syblon Reid has the ability to meet and exceed our client's specific safety requirements on any project. In addition to comprehensive hazard training, our safety processes include developing a site-specific safety plan and formal Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for each project, daily safety meetings, stretch-and-flex exercises, daily and weekly safety inspections by project employees, and safety inspections by third-party professionals.

Syblon Reid’s commitment to safety is recognized by the industry. Please click here to learn more.

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