Baldwin Creek Fish Barrier

The Baldwin Creek Fish Barrier is part of Phase 1A of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project.

The primary objective of restoration project is to open up 42 miles of Battle Creek riverine habitat above the Coleman National Fish Hatchery, and 6 miles of tributary habitat, to spring-run and winter-run Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

The Baldwin Creek Fish Barrier project included the construction of a fish barrier and weir that allows a minimum flow of 5 cubic-feet-per-second (cfs) over the new flashboard weir structure installed at the existing diversion dam in Baldwin Creek. The project is downstream of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Darrah Springs State Trout Hatchery, located upstream of Asbury Diversion Dam, about 27 miles northeast of Red Bluff, California. The 5 cfs provides the necessary flows for suitable salmon and steelhead habitat in the creek, while the barrier weir blocks the passage of anadromous fish to prevent the possible spread of disease to the hatchery.

Key features:

General Site Work

  • Clearing and grubbing work areas of vegetation and rubbish.
  • Furnishing and constructing barbed wire fences with metal livestock gates and placing boulders.
  • Furnishing and constructing water gap fences.
  • Placing topsoil on and seeding site areas.

Site Access

  • Constructing a crossing at Pacific Power Canal (PPC)
  • Stripping topsoil from work areas.
  • Removing a section of the existing above-ground steel pipeline.
  • Excavating rock and soil materials for construction of access roads and turnarounds.
  • Furnishing, placing, and compacting materials to construct embankments.
  • Furnishing, placing, and compacting gravel surfacing on access roads and turnarounds.
  • Furnishing and constructing W-beam metal guardrails with wood posts.
  • Furnishing and installing a precast reinforced box culvert.

Fish Barrier Construction

  • Providing temporary facilities for diversion and care of Baldwin Creek during construction work.
  • Removing water from work areas and controlling water to prevent flow into excavations and work areas.
  • Excavating rock and soil materials for construction of fish barrier structure and abutments, aprons, and ramps.
  • Furnishing, placing, and compacting materials to backfill excavations.
  • Constructing cast-in-place reinforced concrete for fish barrier structure and abutments, apron, slope protection, and ramps.
  • Furnishing and installing fabricated metal pipe guardrail.
  • Placing excavated rock for fill and slope protection.
  • Furnishing and installing geotextile under rock slope protection.
  • Furnishing and installing a weir cap.

Modifications at Existing Asbury Dam

  • Removing existing wooden flashboards.
  • Furnishing and installing new flashboard with weir blade.
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