Industrial Rail Yard Wastewater Facility

The purpose of this project was to construct a new treatment plant to process industrial wastewater for Union Pacific Railroad in Pocatello, Idaho.

The scope included:

  • 2,500 lineal feet of 12-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch diameter ductile iron pipe (DIP) with 15 new manholes to collect the incoming industrial waste,
  • A rotating screen trash rack,
  • A rope oil skimmer,
  • A 20-foot deep pump station with 3 process pumps and 2 storm water pumps,
  • Installation of four 25,000 gallon storm water pumps, one 8,000 gallon sludge and one 8,000 gallon used oil tank,
  • Erection of a 40-foot x 150-foot metal building to house the dissolved air flotation (DAF) equipment and operator’s office,
  • Demolition of the existing treatment plant, and
  • Abandonment of 2 miles of existing industrial waste lines and 34 man holes.

The majority of the underground pipeline and below grade concrete work was completed in the fall and early winter of 2012. The soil conditions proved challenging with many different layers of silts, sands, and rocks varying in size from one to eight feet in diameter and appearing in the excavations at different depths, depending on the location at the job site. In order to maintain our schedule, the DAF building foundation and slab were constructed during the harsh Idaho winter. To prevent the ground from freezing, and to heat the concrete while curing, the entire building footprint was covered and heated during construction.

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