Miners Ranch Canal Access Road and Sand Trap Outfall Improvement Project

The Miners Ranch Canal Access Road and Sand Trap Outfall Improvement Project consisted of stabilizing portions of the narrow access road and mitigating erosion below the existing sand trap outfall.

Access road stabilization included retaining walls constructed of soldier pile piers and wood lagging. A total of 49 soldier pile piers were driven to a depth of up to 25 feet and approximately 1,900 square feet of wood lagging was installed.

After the retaining walls were constructed, the project was completed with the installation of 275 lineal feet of guardrail and the placement of 50 tons of compacted aggregate base material. The road is adjacent to the exterior wall of an existing flume constructed of lightly reinforced, 3-inch thick, concrete.

Erosion mitigation below the sand trap outfall included drilling, installing, and grouting 69 soil nails, 20 feet long, and placing 900 square feet of reinforced shotcrete to a thickness of 8 inches.

Access and weather conditions were significant factors on this project, along with protecting the delicate wall of the adjacent flume that remained in service throughout the project.

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