In Case of Emergency


Bridge Work

Project Name

Camp 2 Bridge Replacement



Year Completed


Location Information

El Dorado County, California

Project Sum­ma­ry

Syblon Reid was brought in to take over an exist­ing failed bridge replace­ment project, replac­ing the orig­i­nal con­trac­tor. The site is perched on a remote and steep rock slope requir­ing access scaf­fold­ing, work per­formed from ropes, and fall protection.

Pri­or to begin­ning the work, Syblon Reid secured the site, devel­oped access to work area, per­formed a sup­port sur­vey and inven­to­ry of work, imple­ment­ed envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion mea­sures, and con­duct­ed a slope con­di­tion evaluation.

Key Chal­lenges

The project required crews to work from ropes and rap­pel ver­ti­cal rock faces to set form­work, rock anchors, and netting.