Wente Vineyard Slide

Syblon Reid responded to a call for assistance with an emergency pipeline repair at the Wente Golf Course and Restaurant in Livermore.

The pipe had begun to show signs of leakage earlier that day and when the first Syblon Reid personnel arrived onsite that evening, the hillside that the pipe ascended had given way. A portion of the hillside along with 140 feet of the pipe slid down and partially filled the golf course and five-star restaurant parking lot knee-deep with mud. Syblon Reid mobilized personnel and equipment onsite the next morning to begin cleaning the parking lot so that the business could reopen as soon as possible.

After initial clean up was complete, Syblon Reid assessed the slide, the damaged pipe, and the 60-foot tall surge tower on top of the hill that the pipeline ascended to. It was determined that the following would need to be done to get the system operational again and ensure that the aging system had no other issues:

  • Inspect 6,000 feet of existing pipe for damage,
  • Remove all unsuitable material from the slide and rebuild the hillside with engineered fill,
  • Replace 300 feet of 60-inch diamter pipe on the west face of the slope and encase it in concrete,
  • Remove and replace 120 feet of pipe at the top of the hill along with a tee that connects the pipeline to the surge tower,
  • Remove the existing 60-inch butterfly valve that shuts off water flow to the surge tower, have it rebuilt, and reinstall it in a new valve vault,
  • Encase 100 feet of existing pipe in concrete below the slide on the west side of the hill,
  • Encase 300 feet of existing 60 year old pipe in concrete on the east side of the hill,
  • And disassemble the existing surge tower, remove the existing foundation, place a new 700 cubic yard foundation further from the face of the hill, and rebuild the surge tower adding an additional 10 feet in total height.

The challenges associated with the project included:

  • An accelerated schedule in order to get the pipeline back in operation so the Del Valle Reservoir could be utilized,
  • Building a project while assisting with design,
  • Hazardous conditions, environmental concerns, and inefficiencies related to working during the wet season,
  • Installing 60-inch diamter pipe on a slope up to 45% with a flowline 15-35 feet below sub grade,
  • Encasing existing 60 year old, 60-inch diamter prestressed concrete pipe that was 15 feet from the flowline to the existing grade on a slope up to 45%.

Due to a great working relationship between the client and Syblon Reid, we were able to get all parts of the system back in working order by the specified dates to meet the critical discharge needs.

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