Auburn Tunnel Plug/Valve Chamber

Syblon Reid was awarded a contract to remove obstructions in the Auburn Tunnel to provide greater flexibility in meeting increased demands for water in southern Placer County.

Working under Cal/OSHA – Title 8, Tunnel Safety Orders, Syblon Reid and their subcontractor, Neil's Controlled Blasting, were awarded the contract to remove:

  • An 39-foot long by 10-foot diameter concrete plug; approximately 140 cubic yards (cy) of material,
  • Three 24-inch roto-valves,
  • Two 24-inch Howell Bunger valves, and
  • All connecting piping and hydraulic systems to the valves, plus
  • Another 60 cy of heavily reinforced concrete pedestals and walls in the valve chamber.

Syblon Reid was also responsible for repairing the shaft liner, installing new hangers as necessary, and drilling and grouting water leakage areas.

Access to the removal locations was achieved through a horizontal 1,000-foot long lined tunnel, and via an 8-foot diameter by 420-foot deep vertical shaft.

All work in the tunnel had to be completed within a 30-day window due to irrigation demands. Work was completed ahead of schedule, despite several previously unknown changes in the scope of work; including lead paint removal, excessively corroded hydraulic lines and anchors, etc.

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