Pine Flat Dam Turbine Bypass

The Pine Flat Dam Turbine Bypass, a $6 million project, was completed in the spring of 2003. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that operates and maintains Pine Flat Dam, administered the project.

The turbine bypass permits the release of water through the penstocks at times when the power plant in not operating, thereby helping to control the temperature of the water being released from Pine Flat Reservoir into the Kings River when irrigation demands are too low to generate electricity. This benefits the cold-water trout fishery downstream of the dam during the low flow periods that typically occur in the later summer and fall months. The project is an important element in the overall Kings River effort to improve fishery habitat.

To complete this essential project, Syblon Reid constructed the civil works, which consisting of 2,500 cubic yards of excavation, major concrete demolition, and forming and pouring of 1,200 cubic yards of concrete for the bypass lines and valve foundations. Eleven and thirteen foot diameter openings were bored through the concrete spray wall of the dam to provide water diversion to the river. The civil work also included the installation of various large piping and mechanical equipment, as well as major concrete demolition and mass concrete pours for new penstock ring girder supports.

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