Meadow Lake Flow Modifications

Syblon Reid was chosen to perform this remote access dam upgrade and modification project to meet FERC mandated flow release requirements from Meadow Lake down to the Mokelume River.

Due to the lack of roads to the site, materials and personnel were flown in by helicopter or via boat. Later, as the water receeded, limited access was achieved by all terrain vehicles through the lake bed.

To complete this project, Syblon Reid performed the following elements:

  • Construction of upstream and downstream cofferdams with installation of a water bypass system.
  • Dewatering of two 30-inch diameter low level outlet (LLO) pipes.
  • Removal of bonnet and internal components of existing 30-inch gate valves for insertion of a new pipe liner.
  • Excavation of upstream outlet entrance, as required, to fusion weld and insert two high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe liners into each existing 30-inch diameter LLO pipes.
  • Installation of a new 24-inch manually-operated guard valve on the downstream end of each liner pipe.
  • Attachment of a section of steel pipe between the new gate valve and downstream cofferdam with support and anchoring of steel pipe, as required, based on the alignment of pipe.
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