Tehachapi East Afterbay Completion - Phase 1A

Syblon Reid was awarded an emergency contract to make modifications to the California Aqueduct.

Located high in the desert atop the Tehachapi Mountain range, this section of canal called the Cottonwood Canal provides critical water flows to Southern California. Flows along this canal were severely restricted, limited only to flows that bypassed around this section of canal through a powerplant and back in to the canal. Syblon Reid only had 19 days during a yearly maintenance shutdown of the canal to complete all tasks.

The purpose of this project was to tie a section of the existing canal in to a newly constructed storage facility. Under another contract with another contractor, large storage reservoirs were constructed to be able to supplement the existing canal when additional flows were required. Syblon Reid was selected to breach the existing canal wall and tie in the Cottonwood Canal with the new storage system.

Once the shutdown occurred, Syblon Reid immediately began working on a 24/7 basis. Cofferdams had to be constructed upstream of the work to control leakage that had to be pumped around the job while another cofferdam was installed downstream of the work to prevent water from trying to flow back up the canal. After cutting into and removing portions of the existing canal, extensive earthwork operations could began.

Syblon Reid first had to excavate, recompact, and backfill over 25,000 CY of material. Working concurrently right behind the excavation operation were crews of rebar tiers constructing the mats necessary for reinforcement. Immediately behind the rebar crew was the shotcrete crew, placing and finishing over 1,500 CY of concrete from an onsite batch plant. Since the new canal and water storage system being tied into was not complete at that time, an earthen plug covered with a rubberized material was installed to prevent water from feeding back up into that system. All work was completed three days ahead of the 19-day scheduled outage.

Syblon Reid performed all of this fast-paced and demanding work without a single first-aid injury, OSHA recordable incident, or loss time accident.

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