Siphon and Check Structure Modifications

The South Bay Aqueduct is a water system located in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area that was completed in 1962.

The aqueduct conveys approximately 330 cubic feet of water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta through over forty miles of pipelines and canals. It begins in north-eastern Alameda County at Bethany Reservoir, through the eastern and southern ends of the Livermore Valley, and ends just east of San Jose.

In 2008, Syblon Reid was awarded a contract for the Siphon and Check Structures Modification Project. Due to the importance of the South Bay Aqueduct, a non-extendable outage period of 51 days was all that was allowed to complete all work within the 14 mile section of canal.

Critical work began on 11/17/08 and had to be completed by 1/6/09. Syblon Reid was responsible for demolishing 8 existing concrete structures along the canal. Syblon Reid then performed all excavating and related site work necessary for the construction of 8 separate reinforced concrete structures along the south bay canal. The concrete structures included one turnout chamber, four check structures and three siphon structures.

Once all concrete construction was completed, Syblon Reid installed the remaining mechanical and electrical systems including gates, hoists, and actuators, structural steel trash racks, mechanical rake system with debris conveyor, and electrical control panels, with instrumentation. All work was completed within the critical outage periods.

After completion of the outage related work, Syblon Reid was awarded additional work under this contract including removing 1300 cubic yards of sludge at the Penetencia WTP within a 10 day outage, constructing 2 acres of wetlands to support environmental permits, performing emergency work in Napa to repair a cracked water main, and repairing a major slide and surge tank due to a break in a 60” pipeline that supplies water to Del Valle Reservoir.

Syblon Reid performed over 18,000 man-hours without a single first aid injury or OSHA recordable incident.

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