Flume 9 Replacement and FERC C39 Fish Screens

Syblon Reid was awarded a contract to remove and replace 170 feet of deteriorating timber flume with new precast concrete flume sections.

The section of flume, situated in a remote location within the Eldorado National Forest near the town of Pollock Pines, had to be completed by mid-December in a compressed schedule of 70 calendar days. Access to the work site was limited to a mile long hike every day. Lightweight materials could be carried in or shuttled by an ATV. Heavy materials and equipment needed to be flown in via helicopter.

After demolition of the existing flume, Syblon Reid’s next task was to remove large trees and brush from the extremely steep slope above the flume. A specialized team of skilled rock scalers were used to pry loose large rock outcroppings from the hill side. The slopes were then draped with a wire mesh to help mitigate future rock fall hazards with potential to destroy the new flume.

Earthwork equipment was flown in and assembled on site in order to over-excavate and backfill to a depth of 18 feet. At a remote laydown yard, Syblon Reid precast sections of new flume using a light weight concrete design to make the sections light enough to be capable of being lifted. The sections were then flown in and set with the assistance of a heavy-lift helicopter in between the snowstorms during the onset of winter. Structural steel walkways, guardrails, and bridges were then installed on the canal.

Another portion of this contract was the installation of a conical shape SS wedge wire fish screen and a water driven brush system on a concrete inlet structure along Alder Creek. The location of this project was once again remote requiring the major equipment and materials to be flown in by helicopter. In order to successfully install the screens, Syblon Reid had to install a Fish & Game approved temporary stream diversion and cofferdam. Syblon Reid removed the existing bar type fish screen system, formed and placed the new in stream fish screen structure, installed the new fish screen, and set a new Davit Crane.

Syblon Reid worked over 6,100 hours without a single loss time accident or OSHA recordable incident.

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